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Hair to suit you and your lifestyle


You're always in good hands at TOHA. Our dedicated, highly trained and experienced stylists are at your disposal to cater to your every need, whether you prefer the retro or more modern look.  

With over 20 years experience in all things hair and 10+ years in organic haircare, styling and colouring, Charlotte is passionate about all things organic and her aim is to give you the hair you want that suits you and your lifestyle.


“We provide amazing hair, healthily, offering a completely bespoke service tailored to suit you, continually updating our skills and chemical awareness to help you achieve true sustainable beauty.”


Charlotte Goulding




Discover the

Organic way of life.

The development of green chemistry demonstrates that you no longer have to choose between health and fashion. Excellent products, developed without aggressive and toxic chemical substances, prove that you can have amazing hair without damaging yourself or the environment.


Ethically packaged 

Using only glass and aluminium, completely recyclable materials.


Biodynamicaly Farmed 

The healthist and cleanest way of growing ingredients.

Our promises to you:

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