You're always in good hands at The Organic Hair Angels.


Our dedicated, highly trained and experienced team of stylists are at your disposal to cater to your every need, whether you prefer the retro or more modern look. We also offer a wide range of organic styling and hair care products. 


Drop by and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Cut & Styling  
Cleanse & cut £45-50
Cleanse, cut & finish £50-60
Gentlemen cut & finish £35
Teen angel girl - Cleanse, cut & finish £30-35
Teen angel boy - Cleanse, cut & finish £25
Colour blow dry £22
Dry style Refresh £27-32
Dry style Updo £42-47
Cleanse & finish regular £27-32
Cleanse & finish long £37-42

Cleanse, dry & style


Power dry




Bespoke - Short £70-80
Bespoke - Medium £80-90
Bespoke - Long £90-100
Total Colour  
Short £60-70


Long £80-90
Roots £50-55
High/Low Lights  
      Full - Short £90-100
      Full - Medium £110-120
      Full - Long £130-140
      Half - Short £70-80
      Half - Medium £80-90
      Half - Long £90-100
      Part - Short £50-60
      Part - Medium £60-70
      Part - Long £70-80

We offer a full range of treatments from detox to red carpet! Contact the salon for details.




Although we have attempted to price our treatments fairly, all colour prices are from and are subject to change if more product is required to achieve your perfect look.





Please note that all colour prices are from and even though we use organic colours, we request that you have a skin test at the salon 48 hours before your colour appointment.

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